About Us

HG Metals and Alloys, headquartered in Mumbai, is an integrated manufacturer and exporter of specialty Copper, Brass and Bronze alloys.

The company was established with an expertise of over one decade providing quality products in copper, brass and bronze alloys

We offer high quality hot extruded and cold drawn products in the form of tubes, rods, flats, sections, profiles, fittings, etc… which is in compliance with BS, IS and ASTM Standards.

The Company’s manufacturing facility is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from the Engineering Industry. It continually invests in human resources and machinery to further facilitate the company’s vision.

The company has a rigorous quality control system with a state of art laboratory to achieve precise dimensions with close tolerances. To obtain unique and consistent alloy characteristics, HG Metals and Alloys, utilizes some of the most advanced equipments in the industry, a highly skilled engineering staff and sophisticated quality control procedures. This allows HG Metals and Alloys   to offer superior lot-to-lot consistency for predictable results. Conscious of the environment, HG Metals and Alloys utilizes advanced technology in its plant to rigidly maintain clean air and water programs.

Over the years, HG Metals and Alloys, has served customers throughout the world in a variety of applications seeking wear, corrosion-resistant and high conductive properties.

Major industries served include, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration, Plumbing, Medical Industries, Heat Exchangers, Nuclear & Thermal Power Plants, Marine, Petroleum, Automotive, and Oil & Gas & Aerospace. Etc…

HG Metals and Alloys, aims at creating a benchmark, professional venture fostering learning and continuous growth in every aspect of its presence.